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Terms & Conditions

1. Wet Cleaning:

The ClothesLine only offers wet cleaning services for your clothes. However, should we introduce dry cleaning services as well, we will be sure to inform you, either through the media and/or by providing the relevant information right here on our website.

2. Cash-on-Delivery:

We operate on a Cash-on-Delivery (COD) basis. We urge you to present our ClothesLine Delivery Agent with cash, and not other forms of money for we do not accept them.

3. Care Instructions:

The ClothesLine will perform its range of wet laundry services on the clothes that you do send to us. We will remove those items marked “Dry Clean Only” and inform you that we will not be cleaning or billing you for these items. Of course, in the event that we offer the additional dry cleaning services, we will operate based purely on the clothing care instruction labels on your garments and the discretion of our In-House Garment Expert. Ultimately, we will provide you with our plan of action with regard to the best course of action for your clothes, but we still leave the final decision up to you.

4. Valuables in Pockets:

The ClothesLine urges you to examine your clothes thoroughly to ensure that you are completely aware of their condition prior to sending them to us. Remember to check your pockets for any of your valuables that you may have left behind, either in a hurry, or just because you forgot about it. The Company will not be responsible for any such losses, and will certainly not respond to claims of loss due to negligence on the part of the customer.

5. Damage Claims:

We will not entertain unsubstantiated claims about damage that we have supposedly caused. Our In-House Garment Experts carefully examine every item of clothing that comes to us, alerting the customer if there are any difficult stains that may either require special care, or will not be able to be gotten rid of. We will not be responsible for existing damage to your clothes that you fail to point out or that has been identified by our In-House Garment Experts prior to processing your clothes.

6. Service Rejection:

The ClothesLine reserves the right to reject any pieces/items of clothing based on the discretion of our In-House Garment Experts and their evaluation. If we feel that the risk undertaken by servicing a particular item is too great, we reserve the right to not wash that item of clothing, for which you will not be charged, of course.

7. Conditional “Re-Cleaning”:

Although The ClothesLine works to provide it's customers with a 99.99% guarantee of being stain-free, we are obliged to acknowledge that the remaining 0.01% of the cases do happen. If we think it would do the trick, we will be more than happy to try again, and Re-Clean the article of clothing one last time, to have that stain out. All you have to do is to inform us within 24 hours of their dissatisfaction at our laundry effort Requests made after this time period will not be entertained, sorry.

8. Shrinkage Non-Liability:

We do not guarantee that clothes will not experience some shrinkage, because even though we use the most precise technology and the best cleaning products on the market, shrinkage can always occur on account of the nature of the fabric, to begin with.

9. Delivery & Responsibility:

If you wish to use our services, please ensure that you contact The ClothesLine in order to make alternate arrangements for the delivery of your clothes. While we make it our business to care for your clothes and fine garments to the best of our ability, we do not necessarily hope to be a clothing storage area. Clothes not collected within 15 days of your being informed will not be our responsibility anymore. Also, we do attempt to make deliveries on time, if not slightly ahead, but on the rare occasion that we are late, we apologize in advance, and no, you will not be entitled to any recompense because of it.

10. Damage & Loss:

In the unfortunate event that The ClothesLine is responsible for having either damaged or lost an item of your clothing, the maximum compensation that we will be required to provide will be the sole discretion of The ClothesLine, but will not exceed 10 times the cost of service to be provided to an item of clothing in the same class except small piece like handkerchief, napkin, scarf, undergarments etc.. This condition stands, provided that the customer contacts us within 24 hours to inform us of the missing, or damaged article of clothing. If the customer fails to do so within this window period, it constitutes a waiver of any claim of loss and/or damage against The ClothesLine. Please note, compensation will not depend on factors like “brand” or “condition” which also excludes any suede, leather, metal, etc. attachments and other enhancements to any item of clothing or household items, which the customer sends to us at her/his own risk, completely.