• Care for Your Attire, As and When Required

Professional Garment Care

ClothesLine brings you a range of laundry services that you will come to rely on for their quality and reliability. Including a simple set of customizable laundry solutions, we also offer

  • A service extension that performs minor repairs and alterations on your clothes based on your exact specifications
  • A thorough consultation and quick appraisal of any concerns you may have about your special, valuable items of clothing


Backed by the precision of German-engineered laundry technology, ClothesLine brings you a complete list of laundry solutions that you can trust to have your clothes as clean as the day you first bought them.

The ClothesLine Laundry Advantage:

  • Your clothes cared for
  • Your time saved
  • Your water saved
  • Your cost minimized
  • Your minor repairs taken care of
  • Your clothes returned, 99.99% as-good-as-new

  • Wet Cleaning
  • Steam Ironing
  • Stain Removal
  • Garment Repair
  • Bleaching
  • Linen


ClothesLine offers a range of minor repairs and alterations on your clothes, to help you keep your clothes in order, so that you look your best at all times. From a missing button replaced to a small tear expertly patched up, we are capable of performing a whole range of repairs, but we suggest that you request one of our in-store garment experts for a free consultation to help you understand exactly how much of a difference we can make.

In-Store Consultation

Our free, in-store garment consultation services will assist you in finding out exactly how much we can do to help revive your favorite attire and items of clothing.

All you have to do is to let our Pick-Up/Delivery Personnel that you have some concerns about a particular stain, for instance, on an item of fancy clothing, and we will do the rest. Once this item of clothing has arrived at our facility, our professional In-Store Garment Consultant will assess the present damage and suggest the best possible course of action, along with any additional charges that you may have to bear. If you agree, then we will go ahead and provide the sparkling results that we always endeavor to provide. However, if you still think it is too much of a risk and that you would rather try it yourself at home, then that is entirely up to you as well.

We urge you to utilize the expertise of our In-Store Garment Consultant in determining the best course of action for your clothes, not only because it is free, but because it is one more way to show that we care about your clothes.

Dry Cleaning

Stay tuned...more details about The ClothesLine's Dry Cleaning Services Coming soon!