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1) What are your Store Timings / Business Hours?

Our offices are open for business from Thursday to Tuesday, between 9am and 8pm. Our Pick-up and Delivery Schedule will run on the same schedule, potentially exceeding close of business by the maximum extent of 1 hour, in the event of last-minute deliveries.

2) How can I arrange for a Laundry Pick-up?

All you have to do is either fill out our online Service Request Form or give us a call . One of our ClothesLine Delivery Agents will be there within an hour, or at a time slot of your convenience.

Please note: We always and most sincerely attempt to be at your home within the time allotted, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances, we urge that you bear with us on the rare chance that we do delay picking up your clothes.

Also, in the event that we are not able to make pick-ups and deliveries, for instance because of a bandh, hartal or other similar reason, we urge you to call and check ahead, if we haven't informed you already or made that information readily available on our website.

3) Do you offer any “Special” or “Urgent” services? I need to get my clothes back quicker than usual...

Sure! Just let us know at Laundry Pick-Up time that you want your clothes back “Urgent”, and we will inform you of the rates and have your clothes back to you as promised, in the time that you wanted them back in.

4) I have some clothes that need “special care”. Will you be able to take care of these items?

The ClothesLine currently only offers “wet cleaning” services, so we will not be able to handle any clothes marked “Dry Clean Only” by the manufacturer. Also, we have In-House Garment Experts who examine your laundry for any potential risks, namely clothes that may not perform well with our machines and laundry products, or those with stains or other damage that our services will not be able to handle with complete effectiveness. We will inform you in such cases and the decision to go ahead or not will be left to you.

5) How do you package finished laundry?

Our care extends to long after we have washed your clothes, thanks to our impeccable ironing/pressing and crisp folding. Clothes will be stacked/organized such that the larger, heavier pieces are at the bottom and the smaller, lighter pieces are at the top. Should you require each one of these items to be individually plastic packed, or some other combination of clothes and packaging thereof, please let us know in advance and we will be glad to take care of it for you. Additional charges will apply, however.

6) I think I lost my ticket/invoice. How do I collect/claim my laundry now?

In the event of a loss of ticket, simply relax and contact our staff. Let them know that you lost it, and they will be more than happy to verify your details and make your delivery as promptly as promised. We may not deliver without a ticket/invoice, but we certainly help you get your clothes back too!

7) I have a stubborn stain on my best clothes. Will you be able to get it out for me?

We pride ourselves on cleaning your clothes and for providing them with the right kind of care they need to keep you looking good. Sure, we would love to try and help you get that stain out, but as perfect as we would like ourselves to be, we have to admit that our success rate is still only 99.99%. If your stain happens to be in the remaining 0.01% of the clothes that we end up being forced to admit defeat to, we apologize for not being able to go the extra mile for you. Our In-House Garment Experts will provide you with the best way forward in the event of a stubborn stain, and should we find a way to remove said stain for you, we only ask that you confirm your agreement and acknowledgment of the risks and additional charges before proceeding.

8) I'm sorry, I forgot to pick up my clothes / re-schedule a Laundry Delivery, and will be out of town for a while. How long will you hold on to my clothes for me?

The ClothesLine will only be responsible for your items of laundry for up to 15 days from the time that we inform you that they are ready for delivery. We will make up to 2 more attempts, totaling 3 attempts in all, to contact you and try and deliver your finished laundry to your address. Failing this, The ClothesLine will await your instructions, for a time period not to exceed 15 days from the time of our first Laundry Delivery notice to you.

9) How can I keep in touch with all the latest developments at The ClothesLine?

Glad you asked! The ClothesLine is now on Facebook, and you can catch all the latest news and developments by Liking our page and/or Liking and Commenting on the individual Wall Posts that we or some of our customers and fans keep posting, from time to time. Stay tuned, because we have a habit of making special offers on this social media channel from time to time, and around holidays, and special events...