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Complete Laundry Solutions

The ClothesLine offers a range of laundry solutions that are customizable to help meet your every laundry need. On this page, you can find out more about how ClothesLine makes a real difference to your life, and to your budget, among other things. Discover more about the imported equipment we have entrusted to expertly clean your clothes, utiilizng the best detergents in the market to help ensure a spotless result.

See how ClothesLine:

  • Makes a difference to your wallet & budget
  • Keeps you looking sharp
  • Takes care of You and Your Clothes

Home Laundry Alternative

No matter how modern your laundry equipment at home, you spend a considerable amount of time “doing laundry” every week. Not only that, you also constantly have to keep in mind water supply timings and power cuts while trying to operate your washing machine. If the power goes off mid-washing-cycle, your precious garments end up sitting in that dirty water until it comes back on, or until you decide that it's time to do it yourself, by hand!

With The ClothesLine, you will enjoy an alternative to doing laundry at home, because it is affordable, convenient, and done with a view towards keeping you looking good, always!

Total Clothing Care

Our laundry equipment comes from the USA , engineered precisely and guaranteed to produce sparkling laundry results for a very long time to come. From the latest technology, to the best detergents in the market, we use all of the resources at our disposal to help your clothes keep their good-as-new appearance, to help you stay looking good.

Pick-Up & Home Delivery

ClothesLine eliminates the headache that is “laundry” by helping you get your laundry picked up from and dropped to your doorstep. For 10 items or more, you can arrange to have your clothes picked up and laundered, to be returned to you in less than 48 hours*

We are currently located in Madhapur and hitec city, but are constantly looking to expand our network of stores. Keep watching this space because we could be in your neighbourhood soon!