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About Us


Making laundry affordable, reliable, scalable and customizable for working professionals and the general public, offering an extended range and superior level of complete laundry services across the board.


To become a viable value proposition in total laundry solutions, utilizing the latest technologies and techniques to ensure a progressively developing assortment of complete solutions in clothing care.

The Concept: Meeting the Needs of Professionals

The ClothesLine, Hyderabad, is a unique complete laundry solutions provider that makes it not just feasible, but ideal for the average, working man or woman to rely on for their laundry needs. In today's fast-paced world where we have hardly a moment to sacrifice, our chores seem to take away from our productivity. Your laundry you have entrusted to appliances and other laundry services alike, only to have your clothes treated roughly and sustaining damage. Ultimately, you seem to resign yourself to the steadily shrinking lifespan of your attire.

The Convenience: Your Needs Understood

This is where ClothesLine comes to your assistance, by offering you cost-effective complete laundry services that will pick your clothes up from your doorstep and return them to you in less than 48 hours, as good as new! Now you will not have to shuffle your schedule around to make time to wash your clothes, or to have them washed, and then wait for them to be dried and ironed for you. With The ClothesLine, your laundry is as good as done, the moment you so desire.

The ClothesLine: A Complete Laundry Solution

From everyday wear to the most fashionably chic and expensive apparel you may own, our imported laundry equipment and machinery, with their patented US-engineered technology, will have them all revived and looking like you remembered them to be from the very first time you laid eyes on them. In combination with some of the best detergents in the international market, your clothes will receive the care and attention that they deserve. To keep this promise still further, we take the time to help make minor repairs that go that extra distance in helping you look good. After all, we at The ClothesLine believe that “You are what you wear.”

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