Welcome To The Clothesline

Remember the clothesline, that was a sign of the comforts of home? Remember a time you could always count on a clean and fresh-smelling set of garments, no matter when? Now you won't have to remember them anymore, because all this can once again be a part of your life!

Introducing a radical new home laundry alternative in Hyderabad – The ClothesLine – built on the age-old principles of ensuring that clean new garments and linens are the sign of a safe and hygenic home environment, but with the promise of the latest modern technology and industrial-strength detergents.

No matter what kind of garment and how dirtied, soiled and beyond recognition it may be, we welcome you to send it to us for an “In-Store Consultation”. Our resident professional Garment Consultant will assess the condition of your garment(s) and propose the necessary measures and possible additional charges needed to arrive at the “best possible” solution.

Worried about having enough time for “a life”, without having to try and fit “laundry” into your schedule? Tired of trusting your clothes to one laundry service after another, only to have them all abused and mishandled again and again? Introducing “The ClothesLine”, your home laundry alternative, helping take care of your laundry needs, and keeping you looking good. After all, “You are what you wear”.